Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rabbi Yitzhak Miller

I am going to talk about an important person. This person is said to the god's gift to the world of Jews. The person name is none other than Rabbi Yitzhak Miller. He is one of the people who set an example of how to be good person. He was a good rabbi (religious teacher) and he has all quality of a good and true person. I came across to know about this person when I was chatting with one of my friend. He made to visit the website called First I thought it is just like ordinary site which makes people to understand about religion and for converting religion. But as I read the site, it was little much interesting to see about his services that he is doing. I saw about the video introduction of this man called Yitz(which he prefers most) .His main aim is to bring Judaism and Jewish values to all people who are interested .He wanted the Judaism as a meaningful, influencing tradition in the world. As to make his ambition to succeed he is being conducting many seminars and lectures which makes him to reach everyone. His current projects include "The Synagogue of the Greater Whole", which works to supplement programs at existing synagogues and he wanted to utilizes technology to provide Jewish services and education to those who are not able to connect with existing synagogue. The site provides much information about him and his services to the people. It also provides information about ceremonies, study, conversion and also faith bridging for the people who are interested in knowing Jewish. The upcoming events are also provided in their site which is updated regularly. If you want to see in person to study Judaism , then you can get an appointment. In advancement of technology, nowadays it is very easy to make contact through internet so we can also contact him through email. Before that make sure you visit the site and make yourself understand the meaning of life.

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