Sunday, October 26, 2008

Know about Window processes

I used to surf a lot in the net to gather most of required information. As the technology as been improving these days very rapidly, we should get updated with those technologies. Internet helps to get those updated news and events on technologies very easy and simple. But nowadays my computer is processing very slowly. At first thought is might be some virus which cause my computer speed slow but when I run down with Antivirus I found no virus in my system. I checked task manager in windows to check some of the process which takes large amount of memory usage in computer. I found a lot of process which takes large amount of CPU cycles. I told this problem to my friend with my computer, he asked to visit a site called which may help you to know more about the process running in your computer. This site helped to know more information about windows processes and its usages. At that time, I came to know that a process fssm32.exe CPU usage is very high and it makes our computer speed slow. When is searched it in my task manager I found this process running in my computer. I am sure that his site will help you people too if you are finding your computer speed is slow. Do visit the site which helped to know more about the windows processes.

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