Monday, December 29, 2008

Lets go to party

Tonight I am going to have a great party. I am going to meet my old friends in this party. The main reason for this party is for my cousin who finished his medical studies. He is going to UK for his studies. He studies great. He used to be very frank to everyone. He also got a state rank in medical. This is like a get together for me to meet the old ones. I have already told you that I miss them very much.

Time is running down

I am waiting for my friend to arrive to my home since I have to meet my uncle who is in the hospital. I called him several times to his cell phone. I hope he is driving his bike so he can’t hear the ring bell. I have to go to call my friend for the function to be held in my house after visit hospital.

Debt free life

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Something has stuck into my brothers mind

My brother will study hard from now on and make some changes in life. I was excepting this change in him but I didn’t know that it will happen in a short period of time.