Thursday, October 16, 2008

Be Updated

With advancement in technology, people need to learn many things. There are inventions and discovery throughout our life. So people should able to know those new technologies and discoveries .Most importantly computer is showing very much improvement in technologies. People are not grown with lots of brain and ideas they should learn it. I am software professional it doesn’t mean that I should know all the computer technologies up to date. It is not possible for any normal person. There are many sites which provide the users to explain the new concepts and technologies of computer that arises daily. But the site called helps to educate users with computer knowledge. I came to know about this site when I was surfing in the net for search of jnlp file type. This site provided me the answer for this file type and I am very much pleased with the site for helping me. They provide information about the data format technologies and file extensions which make it possible for the home user to understand the new file types and understand how to use those file types. They wanted all their users to have computer knowledge home PC to small sized business. This site provides effective results for our computer queries. Do visit the site and get to know more about the latest technologies in computer field.

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