Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Online library for file extensions

It has been difficult for me when I was using computers for the first time. When I download movies and view pictures, I was not able to distinguish which are picture file? And which are video file? I used to get confused a lot with the file extensions. At that time I go to find the details about file extensions in the net, and I understand what software to use them. But nowadays I find very easy to know about the details of the file extension and what all software or program needed to play or view the files. The site called http://mov.file-extension-library.com which provides top 20 file extension listing which made me to know about the file and its uses. When I was in search for file extension MOV, it was very easy or me to site the site and got the details for the file extensions quick and faster. You can even scan for any errors in the file extensions and also fix it. I ran it for my MOV file extension and I got errors. So I fixed my errors with the software which is recommended by the site and I got my MOV file fixed. Then I was able to know about the file and was able to use it. Do visit the site to know about details of file extensions.

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