Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Secured flash drives

USB flash drives are very much useful since it is portable and make us to transfer files from one computer to another too. It is similar to a portable hard disk but with smaller capacities. They have many advantages and also disadvantages too. The main disadvantage of using pen drives is that they are very less secured. Whoever gets your pen drive can easily access the files in those pen drives. We should keep our pen drives with us very safe. But we cannot say what happens next. But there is a solution for this problem. The site called www.kanguru.com provides many computer related products including USB flash drives which can be remotely managed by the administrators. Kanguru Remote Management Console makes this possible to control flash drives from anywhere in the world. This is very much useful so that we can secure our data in the flash drives as secure as Fort Knox even it is lost. Kanguru defender is the flash drive which is highly secured and has AES hardware Encrypted . So it makes our data to be secure and inaccessible by unauthorized persons. I really got impressed with Kanguru Bio AES which make it very much possible to keep confidential information in this USB flash drive. This has a special feature is the finger print recognition so that only if the authorized finger print can access these flash drives. Do visit the site to know more about the products.

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