Monday, October 13, 2008


Have you heard about a film called "Blindness" ? I hope many of them know about this film . This film is based on the novel called "blindness" by Nobel prize winner Jose' Saramago . The website called i am blind provides the user to discuss and generate content about this film . I got to know about this site through my friend peter . The gallery provided in their site is the user generated content where user have post the pictures and drawings of what they actually want to see if the story of the film takes place in their lives . There are lots of pictures and drawings uploaded by the users . I saw many of those photos and drawings . The story of the film is about a new virus keep on infecting others which makes them blind . The film was released on 3rd October in united states . In my view , the film was good and was very moving too . Feel free to visit the site to know more about the film and discussions .

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