Tuesday, August 26, 2008

dreamer boy

I am a dream factory... I used to dream a lot in my life.... i wish my dreams to come true... it even happens...last night I had a bad dream like I am standing on the top of a building which was built recently because I am scared of heights near my house... this time I didn’t wish this to be happened ..


Tey said...

sure we can xlinks, please add my 3 blogs then buzz me when you're done
Ester's Celebrity Blog
Array Of Hopes
Raptured Dreams

Tingting Rimart said...

dream, believe and survive!!!!

gLoR!e said...

i am a dreamer also! it motivate me to work hard inorder to achieve it!:) keep on dreaming it will be yours!:)

Tey said...

hmmm passing by here
Ester's Embracing Health
Ester's Health Blog
Concealed Mind
Brief Sentiments

shzainzy said...

Hey Guys!

Please do add my other blogs youre already there.


ThaNKs a lot!
you can check it out if you want.